1. Keeping Busy

From the recording Keeping Busy EP

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I seen your face in every face I passed as I walked down the street
And you turned your head every time you thought you saw me, but it was never me
I heard your voice, you seen my hair, I saw your smile, couldn't help but stare, for a while
And you took a second glance, when you thought you saw my hands by your's by the bar

And I thought, I thought that you wouldn't miss me
I knew the day, you didn't want to kiss me
And I know, you've been keeping busy
But there's one thing for sure
I've crossed your mind

I heard about your bottle it keeps tipping up and down, a new excuse everyday
You heard about a flight across the ocean shore, when I went away
I heard about your house, it's got wooden floors like the panels of all our hearts
I heard about her, said she might be moving out
But I won't believe it till I see it

And you thought, you thought that I would miss you
You knew the day that I wanted to kiss you
And you know, that I've been keeping busy too
But there's one thing for sure
You've crossed my mind

You heard about the news that I told you on the phone, you were on my side
When I said I didn't want to leave
You said if you need, ground your feet
And don't leave

That was the first time
After space and time
After all the time, I'd be gone
That it seemed like
Maybe you missed me
Maybe you didn't want me to leave

So I know, I know that you've been missing me
I knew the day, you decided to kiss me
I knew by the way, you didn't want me to leave
I knew when you wrote to me
I knew it when you thanked me
And it's true, we've been keeping busy
And up until now, in all honesty
You've been the last to cross my mind