Here is an example of a custom song for couple celebrating there 1st anniversary.
It's heartfelt, and chilled electronic.
It mentions the recipients name, and the occasion it's for.
It mentions specific details and memories.

Custom songs are 1 verse and 1 chorus unless otherwise requested.


If time was reversed
I'd go back to our first date on March 1st
To re-live our first kiss in your car
And end the night at our favorite little bar
You know my little notes?
I leave for you to find
Well you still haven't found them all
Mmm, there's a few you've left behind

But they'll be there...

Just like I'll be here
With you
As we move into
Our second year
And I'll keep spending my weeks looking forward to the weekends
With you Jason, with you Jason

You make me happy
So happy anniversary