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A performing singer-songwriter since the age of 10, Bella Maree has the ability to both captivate and mesmerise all ages with her well reputed & acclaimed soulful voice, an extensive repertoire of innovative originals and a stage presence that will leave you wanting more of this unique, talented and beautiful young artist; with a powerhouse voice that will leave you with goosebumps.

Bella Maree has already accomplished a wide range of goals in the music world; she has already been performing both nationally and internationally, is noted as a favourite on stages of North East & South East QLD, the Northern Rivers of NSW, the top end of NT & the Gulf of Thailand. She's released 2 EP Albums, performed thousands of shows at all kinds of different events and here's the catch: she's only 23.

Imagine a mix of soul, blues, roots revival, folk & alt rock... Bella Maree strums away at her Coleclark guitar, mixing methods of finger picking, plucking, hand percussion & small spouts of inspiration derived from genres like Flamenco, Jazz/Blues & Roots.

Accompanied by her foot tapping the beat on her Stompbox, Bella Maree's live sound will be sure to have you tapping your foot too.

With a Kazoo attached to her microphone, Bella has been honing her sound of this little instrument over the past 7 years since adding it to her show, developing a sound that's very similar to a saxophone. 

Imagine the vocals of Tracy Chapman, Shania Twain, Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Alanis Morrissette, Stevie Nicks and Lady Gaga... Bella Maree is a natural and engaging performer who uses her powerful voice with grace to carve her melodies and give wings to her lyrics.

Keep your eye out for Bella Maree performing around Darwin at The Top End, NT.

Read her full biography for all the details.

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  • "...After a California Taco experience (including extra guac and a jug of yummy sangria) the soulful Bella Maree took the stage. Here’s a woman with a voice! With thoughtful lyrics and melancholy melodies, Bella captured the crowd swiftly and delivered a strong set, no doubt picking up a few new fans that had turned up for the main act." - Blank GC Magazine
  • "Bella Maree is a favourite on the NightQuarter stage. She is a natural and engaging performer who uses her powerful voice with grace to carve her melodies and give wings to her lyrics." - Nightquarter Markets, Gold Coast.
  • "I have been working on and off with Bella Maree since she was 11. Keep your eye on this awesome talent." - Robert Mackay C.E.O Pacific International Music
  • "I'm really interested in you. I think that what I heard in your voice was just that you're 18. And I think that you have a lot of promise, and I think that you look like a star. I would love to hear you sing in a couple of years."- The Madden Brothers, The Voice Australia: Season 5, 2016
  • "You've got a beautiful voice." - Ronan Keating, The Voice Australia: Season 5, 2016

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