Who is Bella Maree?

Bella Maree has the ability to both captivate and mesmerise all ages with her well reputed & acclaimed soulful voice, an extensive repertoire that includes her own style covers and innovative originals, and a stage presence that will leave you wanting more of this unique, talented and beautiful young artist.

Imagine a mix of soul, blues, roots revival, folk & alt rock; imagine the vocals of Tracy Chapman, Shania Twain, Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Alanis Morrissette, Stevie Nicks and Lady Gaga…Bella Maree puts her own avant-garde stamp on every song she sings with a powerhouse voice that will leave you with goose bumps.  

Bella Maree has already accomplished a wide range of goals in the music world; she has already been performing both nationally and internationally, is noted as a favourite on stages of North East & South East QLD, the Northern Rivers of NSW, the top end of NT & the Gulf of Thailand. She's realeased 2 EP Albums, performed thousands of shows at hundreds of different events, and has collaborated with, been mentored by, performed with and jammed with some of the most accomplished & talented musicians from all around the world that she has crossed paths with in this industry...
Here's the catch: she's only 21. Keep your eye out for Bella Maree performing around Darwin at The Top End.

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  • "...After a California Taco experience (including extra guac and a jug of yummy sangria) the soulful Bella Maree took the stage. Here’s a woman with a voice! With thoughtful lyrics and melancholy melodies, Bella captured the crowd swiftly and delivered a strong set, no doubt picking up a few new fans that had turned up for the main act." - Blank GC Magazine
  • "Bella Maree is a favourite on the NightQuarter stage. She is a natural and engaging performer who uses her powerful voice with grace to carve her melodies and give wings to her lyrics." - Nightquarter Markets, Gold Coast.
  • "I have been working on and off with Bella Maree since she was 11. Keep your eye on this awesome talent." - Robert Mackay C.E.O Pacific International Music
  • "I'm really interested in you. I think that what I heard in your voice was just that you're 18. And I think that you have a lot of promise, and I think that you look like a star. I would love to hear you sing in a couple of years."- The Madden Brothers, The Voice Australia: Season 5, 2016
  • "You've got a beautiful voice." - Ronan Keating, The Voice Australia: Season 5, 2016

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