My Story

Bella Maree has been involved in the Music Industry since she had just reached 2 digits in age
To say that she has evolved is an understatement.
In the last decade, requiring a lot of hard work and dedication she has developed her own unique style. Music is Bella's career and life's passion.

It was Bella Maree's older brother, Keanu, who really opened her eyes to the world of music. The more Keanu started learning guitar and singing the more he'd bring it home and teach Bella what he'd learnt. They started singing together and before they knew it they had brother-sister harmonies down packed by the time they were just 10 and 12. It was at that age they performed at Fraser Coast's Carols by Candlelight to an audience of 10,000. That was when their duo 'Strange Angel' begun and continued on to record their first EP with Pacific International Music.

Bella Maree with her parents and brother moved to Thailand when she was just 14. That was when she started venturing off into the world of solo acoustic music. Writing and performing, she started collaborating with various international musicians in bands and duo's when she was living on the island of Koh Samui

Bella Maree moved back to Australia when she was 17 with the goal to tackle the business side of the music industry in hopes of becoming a full time self sustainable musician. She has now been achieving that goal since mid 2014 when she booked an entire east coast tour on her own, then in early 2016 quit her job at a Cafe on Tamborine Mountain, took a big leap of faith and dove right into the life of a self employed muso doing up to 5 gigs a week.

Bella Maree released her Debut EP "Keeping Busy" late 2014 and her single "Shattered" early 2016.
Although she started writing when she was just 10 years old, Bella wrote mass amounts of music when she was 16 and now at 20 she has written over 50 songs in total. She is now working on a new EP with hopes to release early 2018.